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Mona Montessori Greentree Farmers Branch:
“We are blessed to have this school. I am very happy with the program, with the teachers. I love Mona Montessori. My daughter is happy, she is learning every day something new. Giving your child an early education is a gift for them. I would like to thank everyone who is a part of my daughter’s life. An especially thanks to Ms. Anju, for her excellent job, for her big effort, for her patience, for her love, thanks from the bottom of my♥. I hope you can stay with us for the rest of Sophia’s life. Of course, that is not possible. But I wish you the best! Good always bless you and your family.”

- Olivia Ortiz

March 31, 2017
"This school is wonderful...Ms. Ana is an angel with the jr. toddlers and Ms Myda and Ms Beth do a great job with the sr. toddlers. The teachers and staff are all respectful of the children as they challenge them to grow and learn. I have been very impressed with what they deliver and their prices are very reasonable. PS. I am very picky."

- Mary Conine Ferguson

May 15, 2017
"This school is amazing! I am a super picky mom and would not find comfort at any school until I arrived at Mona Montessori on Sigma Rd. All the staff is very kind. Mrs. Ana is a gem in a haystack, you can tell she loves the kids so much and is such a patient teacher! It’s very apparent that the school director Mrs. Rosy cares for each child and knows their name. As a first-time mom, I wanted to have constant updates on how my son is doing, for a good month and a half I would call every day on my lunch break and ask did my son eat ok, sleep ok, is he happy and Mrs. Rosy and Mrs. Ana happily addressed my concerns (I know I must have been annoying). I am thankful to find them and I highly-recommend the school! I do wish they have the latest App that other daycare have where they take pictures more often or that they have cameras, so you could view your kids from any place at any time, but at same time I am certain my son is in good safe hands and I can trust them. I am so happy I found this school."

- Shveta Sharma


April 28
"Wonderful school, dedicated teachers, our daughter has grown so much both intellectually and socially since joining the school. We will miss this fantastic community so much when we move. Can't recommend this school more highly!"

- Meghan Carr Osundiji

"When my husband and I first visited Mona Montessori six year ago we immediately noticed that this was more than a child-care center, it was first and foremost a school. All of the teachers are kind and nurturing, but most importantly they are educators. These teachers are trained to guide each individual child on their own path to success. The school provides stability, structure and fun in an environment filled with encouragement and patience. The first few years of a childs life are so crucial to their overall development and we could not be more pleased with the fundamental education that is provided by Mona Montessori. We feel so blessed to be a part of this school and we know our children will benefit from their experience for the rest of their lives. Thank you to all the teachers and staff for your consistent dedication to the education and wellbeing of my children."

Betsy Clark

August 29
"I highly recommend Mona Montessori. The staff is professional and caring. I am greeted with a smile from everyone I meet every day. There is a positive atmosphere throughout the school and the teachers genuinely care for my grandson. They have high expectations for him in his work and he is held accountable for always doing his best. His teacher is very experienced and has inspired a love of learning in him. He is soaring in his work and he knows he is loved. Although the facility is not fancy or new, it is always clean and shows pride in its appearance. I love the diversity among the students and staff. I only wish we had found them years ago!"

- Charlotte Reed Moellering

"We have had two children go through the program. Our oldest started in the preschool program and continued through Kindergarten. She attended 1st grade in the Plano ISD and was prepared for the stringent curriculum thanks to Mona. She was introduced to reading and math at Mona from day one and it helped her to assimilate smoothly into Plano ISD.

Our youngest daughter started as a toddler and was potty trained at Mona. She recently graduated from pre K and is already reading at a second grade level and is proficient in Additon, Subtraction and some multiplication.

The staff at Mona takes the time to recognize the strengths of each child and meticulously reinforces them. They understand each student has their own unique learning style and they work hard to ensure each child reaches their maximum learning potential. Mona has a great staff that cares about the wellbeing of every student and sets a very strong foundation for not only learning but family values. I would recommend every parent send their child to Mona Montessori"

- Charles and Tasha Thomas


"My daughter is now 5 years and has graduated from the kindergarten program with the best teacher of all, Ms. Rozy. In all my days, even as a child myself, I cannot recollect any teacher as genuinely positive, happy, organized and patient as Ms. Rozy. Ms. Vasu is also a gem and I heard her once referred to as the “Child Whisperer”. They are awesome! The teaching here is above fantastic. My 5 year old is now reading at a 3rd grade level and has been doing math at the 2nd grade level. My daughter is now moving on to an Expeditionary Learning system in the fall where she will continue to learn in almost the same manner in which your school has provided for her."

"My daughter loves going to Mona Montessori Brilliance and we are very happy with her teachers Ms. Anju and Ms. Ana! Thank you so much!"

- Shaista Aijaze

"I am absolutely in love with the care they provide at this facility! I never feel worried for one second as I'm away from my children, they keep the environment safe and clean for my babies!"

- Cher R.

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